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Flight to Egypt, Canterbury Cathedral
Grisaille Motif, Canterbury Cathedral
Stained Glass Paperweight - Grisaille Motif - Canterbury Cathedral
Stained Glass Paperweigh - Flight to Egypt - Canterbury Cathedral
Madonna and Child, Canterbury Cathedral
Stained Glass Paperweight - Canterbury cathedral - Madonna and Child

We have re-drawn details of stained glass from some of the world’s best known cathedrals and churches for our hand painted glass products. Now we are making ‘stained glass’ Paperweights, which are completely transparent except for the colourful designs which are hand painted with jewel like lacquers on to glass and inserted into the Paperweights.

To see our current Cathedral stained glass Paperweight designs, please scroll down this page, or, if you are interested in glass from particular countries, click on one of the links here.

Stained Glass Paperweight - La Sainte Chapelle - Paris
Florence Nightingale Washington National Cathedral
Stained Glass paperweight - Florence Nightingale Washington National Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cross,    St. Patrick's CathedralNew York
Stained Glass Paperweight - St. Patricks Cross - St. Patrick's - Cathedral New York
Origin of the Universe, Washington National Cathedral
Beautiful Cathedral Paperweight Gifts in Gift Boxes Canterbury Cathedral UK, Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle, Paris ...
Angels with Holy Spirit, Washington National Cathedral
Paperweight - Origin of the Universe -  Washington National Cathedral
Quatrefoil Motif, Canterbury Cathedral
Paperweight - Angels with Holy Spirit - Washington National Cathedral
Red Cross Motif - Notre Dame - Paris
Grisaille, ............... Sainte Chapelle, Paris
Belle Verriere - Chartres Cathedral
St. Louis,             Notre Dame, Paris
St. Louis - Notre Dame -  Paris
Red Cross Motif, . Notre Dame, Paris
Stained Glass Paperweight - Grisaille - Sainte Chapelle - Paris
Belle Verriere, .. Chartres Cathedral
Stained Glass Paperweight - Quatrefoil Motif - Canterbury Cathedral
European Cathedral Stained Glass Paperweights
Stained Glass Paperweight - Rose Window - Hong Kong Cathedral
Rose Window,       Hong Kong Cathedral

UK Cathedral and Church Stained Glass...... ... ..European Cathedral Stained Glass

USA Cathedral Stained Glass......................... Other areas of the World

Other Cathedral Stained Glass Paperweights
UK Cathedral Stained Glass Paperweights
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USA Cathedral Stained Glass Paperweights
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