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Winged Heart glass paperweights are made from one piece of painted glass inserted into a top quality paperweight base. This creates a 'stained glass' effect as it allows more light to bounce up from the paper on which it is placed, so that the crystal clear lacquer colours are more brightly illuminated. This is an original concept by Winged Heart and has been designed registered.

Care of your product

To clean your paperweight, please use just a 'huff' and a soft cloth. We strongly recommend you do not immerse them in water or use spray cleaners. Certainly they should never be placed in a microwave or oven, or on any hot surface, as the glass could shatter and the paperweight lose its colour from the heat. Constant strong sunlight from being placed on a window sill should be avoided to maintain colour.

Please note. This product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of young children and pets. Our paperweights are shatter-resistant, but they should not either be dropped on a hard floor or be thrown for any reason, as they could break and produce dangerous sharp splinters.

Given reasonable care we believe this product should give you many years of pleasure.

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